We are Codecom

At Codecom, we use creativity and big picture thinking to make innovative structured cabling products, and to deliver large-scale telecommunications solutions.


From scoping the requirements for major commercial installs to designing detailed implementation strategies, our aim is to innovate continuously and to implement custom-fit solutions.


Our structured cabling and data center products allow you to harness the power of optimized volume and efficiency, and keep data moving at lightning speed.

The Codecom Advantage


Manage CapEx spending by only purchasing the modules you need, as you need them.


MTP, splice and pre-term options available on all fiber optical and cabling products.


A low loss approach that maximizes the efficiency of every fiber, in every network.


High density fiber termination and creative fiber management solutions.


We challenge the traditional approach, to bring a new design & flexibility to all solutions.


Our short lead times will see you meet the in-time demands of your customers.

Doing Things Differently

Given the speed at which technology is moving, now is not the time to maintain the status quo. It’s a time to be bold, fearless and to ask more of our solutions and the products that underpin them.

Our Products

As one of the industry’s leading suppliers and manufacturers, Codecom has a large range of structured cabling products and custom solutions.

Suitable for telecommunications carriers and data centre installations, check out Codecom’s full product range today. We look forward to helping you find the right solution for your business.

Interested in our services or in need of some technical support? Email us today.